I believe that…

Branding is 10% Looks, 90% Mindset

To stand apart in your truth and discover where you belong you must become comfortable with owning your inherent difference and accepting your god-given strengths for the gifts that they are. Then, and only then, can we create a brand in alignment with your authentic self and find where you belong so you can attract your ideal clients magnetically, allowing you to grow the business you always wanted to.


WARNING: Brandequip Brands are not for the faint-of-heart. It takes guts to dig deep and uncover your purpose and then stand up for it…but it’s always worth it.

Brand Therapy is

where mindset meets brand strategy to inspire confidence through clarity. It means knowing and accepting yourself, your gifts, your core values, your beliefs, and who you provide the most value to because of your differences. Then you can truly make impactful connections and take inspired actions to grow.

What I enjoyed about working with Katherine was her energy, commitment, knowledge, insight and her ability to translate information, wishes and desires into tangible outcomes.


Katherine’s ability to listen and connect with my needs, combined with her artistic talent, translate into an end product that reflects the person behind the business as well as the business itself.


Katherine was amazing to work with! Not only did she quickly grasp the problem I was having with my logo but delivered a solution within an hour that came out beautifully! I just can’t believe the results I got so quickly, and right when I needed it for my printer too.



I help empathetic women who are tired of attracting the wrong clientele to create a brand that reflects who they are becoming so they can show up in their truth, magnetically attract clients who light them up, and grow from a place of authenticity.

By following my signature 5 Pillar Framework we are able to create brands that not only look amazing but have meaning; brands that can help guide your business like a north star; brands that can evolve with you because they were born of you.

But let’s get real. It’s not *just* the framework that creates this transformation. It’s the act of going through it with an outside perspective through a process I call Brand Therapy.

I believe no one should brand alone…ever. There is literally no replacement for the confidence that is developed through having someone on the outside helping you to see and amplify what is most amazing and important about the inside. I l.o.v.e. digging deep, defining the undefinable, and then bringing it all together so that your vision becomes tangible and your brand becomes your anchor.

I help entrepreneurs define and develop their brand essence from the early stages of their business to the advanced so they can attract clients magnetically and grow the business they always wanted to.

In order to create a lasting brand, I believe we have to start by looking within. We’ll define your purpose and your difference to align them with your core values.

By tapping into my inherent ability to connect with people on a deep level, we’ll work to build a business you love. I’ll help you pull out the gems buried within you, enabling you to stand out and clearly define what you are truly passionate about.

5 Things I Don’t Do

Half-Assed Brands.

I literally can’t not make things look good and I believe that if your brand isn’t online then it’s not finished. #dedication

In-Person Meetings.

It’s the 21st century and we all have a webcam, let’s use it. #virtual

Leave You Hanging.

Once we’ve branded together I’ll help you with any number of additional design needs. #comprehensive


As a policy I don’t offer refunds on my services. Furthermore, if you disappear your project gets taken off the schedule. No refunds. No work delivered. #sorrynotsorry

Make Promises I Can’t Keep.

I can’t promise a new brand will make you money. Your income depends on you and what you do after your brand and website launch. #marketing #hinthint

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