About Brandequip Designs and Me

Discover what makes you a powerful force to be reckoned with and let your brand and website reflect that passion and purpose so that you can magnetically attract clients online doing what you love.


Through my strategy first, design second approach I build brands and websites that are a true reflection of the person on the other side while positioning it to be standout-able.

By tapping into your innermost desires and feelings I help guide you in recognizing what not only makes you light up, but what makes your service truly different. In doing so, we develop a powerful message that I translate into a visual language that communicates your purpose and guides your decisions and actions to fulfill your ultimate purpose.

(pronounced proo-sl in case you’re curious)

When I started this business I had no idea I would become a brand strategist. In fact, I thought I’d build an art business while offering design services. But building a brand that align’s with who we are and want to become has a way of bringing out the best version of ourselves.

I created Brandequip Designs because I was frustrated with how much I saw people who spent good money on their branding and websites but still didn’t know if they were staying ‘on brand.’

Fixing this problem had a simple solution: develop the brand strategy first and with the client so that they would know their purpose so well that they could communicate it in a simple sentence.

But there was still a problem, handing off the design and strategy often resulted in a web-based brand experience that didn’t stand up to its potential. So I faced the new challenge head on and developed the skills to take on more of the work that went into building a complete brand.

6 Things About Me You Probably Don’t Care About…but I’m going to tell you anyway

I started this business from a fold-out desk in the living room of my studio apartment after quitting my job in advertising and publishing because I was done working in a toxic environment. I had no plan, purpose or prospects. In fact I initially thought this business would be primarily an ART business and called it Lavish Craft at first.
When I decided to take on developing websites for my clients I cleared up my schedule for three months to become a full-stack javascript web developer. That means that I can develop the functionality behind the website (things like making buttons work, solve inventory equations and the like) in addition to making it look good if needed…but I typically don’t try and reinvent the wheel for no reason.
I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and consequently love mountain sports like hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Actually, I turn into a total ski bum for at least one week every year when I go home to visit.
I nearly moved to Switzerland after college, but in making plans and finding work I connected with someone who started their email saying that they were a graphic designer for a fashion magazine and I knew right away that I wanted to become a designer instead. In fact, I’m not sure I ever responded because it set off such a flurry of events. Within 4 months of reading that email I was living in New York and going to classes for graphic design.
I feel like a spy whenever I travel internationally because I have two passports.
Yes…my hair is naturally curly. It may or may not be the source of my unconventional thought process that leads to creative solutions to your brand problems.

Ready for a brand that

aligns with who you are now?

Don't let your brand fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of business. If you've evolved but your branding and messaging hasn't it could be hurting your growth and development.

This service is no longer offered as a stand-alone and has been rolled into a bigger package. Email me at hello@iamkatherineelizabeth.com for more information on how we can work together and what services are available.