How To Align Your Business With Your Purpose

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Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and as machines and software continue overtaking mindless jobs, we’re all being given the chance to do more with out lives and truly pursue our calling. But how do you even recognize what that calling is?

In The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level, Gay Hendricks differentiates between a zone of genius vs. zone of excellence. You see, your zone of excellence is something that you trained for. It’s something you learned. Your zone of genius however has always been a part of you. Sure, you can often improve upon it, but that natural talent is there.

Sometimes it’s not even a natural talent, it may just be a tendency. For instance, I always had the tendency to observe the people around me. I learned a lot about people as a result and was able to start asking probing questions at a young age.


Are you an entrepreneur with a purpose? This one's for you. Inside I demonstrate how your services can serve you through your zone of genius and helping you fulfill your purpose.


Even though I never really focused on developing that part of me I now use it in developing brand strategies for my clients. Once I started doing that and embracing this zone of genius I fell even more in love with the work because it was even more aligned with me.

Through using this latent talent with clients I’ve been honing my ability to see through our conversations to understand and point out little gems that just need a bit of polish and a pedestal to truly shine.

Similarly, I honed my designer’s eye and trained on the design programs, but the raw potential was always there, just like the observation.



In order to truly recognize your calling there are many tools you can use, but my favorite (other than my gut) is to ask a simple question as I do in this post.

I find that our true calling often intersects with our true purpose.
I couldn’t say which comes first, the purpose or the potential because I feel like we don’t recognize our full potential until we truly know our core purpose. If you’re struggling to discover your zone of genius using the above link, then it may behoove you to try and define your core purpose with this article.

Your success is only limited by your fear.

By developing your business to be driven by your dream, your purpose, then your chances for ‘making it’ will go up exponentially simply because a dream is a hard thing to give up.

If your mission is how you achieve your brand purpose then your purpose is how you achieve your dream.

It’s how you fight for it. Your words (message) and services are the sword, your values are the shield. You must develop both. By defining your values you are establishing rules to help you succeed.

Your values may be about how you treat people, what kind of people you work with, the quality of the work you provide. Whatever they are, they are that which is most important to remember in pursuit of your purpose, or should I say dream?

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