Brand Imagery ≠ You…Necessarily

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Have you noticed that everyone seems to be creating personal brands?

You know, the kind where the business owner is the subject all around. We learn all about their life and they’re in nearly every image on their site.

It’s addictive. Mainly because it gives us a picture of what our own life could be like if we follow and work with them, doesn’t matter what they do so much as long as we align with their values and interests…but just because it’s popular right now, doesn’t mean it’s right for your business.



If you’re selling a service that answers a specific need for a client then the personal brand positioning and imagery is a bit of a cop-out in my opinion.

The truth is that imagery conveys a message. Powerful brand imagery evokes the feeling that the client can have as a result of working with you. Rather than using your imagery to talk about yourself and your lifestyle, it should be communicating what you do and how that can benefit your clients.

What I like to do is look at the physical result of a service, the work it takes to deliver that service, and what the client can do and feel as a result of that service. Then consider where all of those intersect, what the overall mood is and whether it goes with the color scheme.



Sounds complicated huh?

It definitely can be. And that’s exactly why personal brand photo shoots have become the go-to in service-based industries. It’s easy to showcase who your client will be working with so they can put a face to the name and service.

In fact, it’s very important to show your face, but it shouldn’t be your hero image on the homepage of your website unless you are in fact building a lifestyle brand.

Lifestyle Brands: focus on building a community more than selling a product or service. The service or product is a way to show that you belong in that community and align with those ideals and beliefs.

You don’t have to be a lifestyle brand to be a business with a strong community and high integrity, that is in fact just good business these days and the heart of them is the purpose.

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