What Brand Positioning Has In Common With Breakfast Food

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Let’s talk positioning because I feel like it’s one of those things we all know so we don’t talk about it, but that means that maybe we don’t all know what it really is.

Positioning is a way for us to choose to highlight one thing above all the rest. For instance, I’m a designer. I can design a lot of things. I position myself as a brand designer which means that I specialize in logo, colors, and fonts. I don’t really try and sell or market anything other than branding because our actions prove our message.

(Btw, I totally do offer additional design-work to my clientele but keeping that off the main website pages keeps my message more on point and focused).


Have you ever really thought about why it's socially acceptable to eat what is essentially a dessert for breakfast? Entrepreneurs take a note, it's because of how those foods were positioned. When it comes to developing your own brand identity it's key to consider your own brand positioning first so that you can become for your industry what waffles are for breakfast.


But I promised food. Why? Because I’m about to blow your mind (unless you’re one of the enlightened few who have already realized this).

Are you ready?
…Breakfast food.

Why do pancakes, waffles, eggs, and toast dominate the market as being a breakfast food? I honestly don’t know. There is little nutritional value in all but the eggs, yet breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

We could just as easily call pancakes and waffles dessert. That’s actually a much more appropriate food category for them, yet for some reason we (as in the general population at least here in the US) insist that they are excellent breakfast foods even though it starts your day out on a sugar overload.

Similarly, eggs could be eaten at any time of the day. Heck, put a nice runny egg yolk on your burger for extra amazing-ness.

Carbs are in fact a great breakfast food so pasta would actually be a healthier option in the mornings than all those fun and deliciously sugary pancakes and waffles.

I even heard once that salad is a super breakfast food. But we don’t eat pasta or salad for breakfast. That would be weird because pasta has been positioned as not breakfast. Come to think of it though, maybe that’s why fresh, raw juice is taking off in the breakfast category. It’s a really great way to get nutrients in your breakfast.

The point is, that positioning is power. It is the power to sway opinions and ideas on a large scale. That’s why in branding, the focus is key because with focus we can determine your position and sway the opinion and general idea of your entire business in the way we want to. Positioning is not to be undervalued or overlooked when it comes to branding.

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