Which Came First? Your Purpose or your Business

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I started Brandequip Designs because I was burnt out and just plain burned from working in a 9-5 job on a salary. Once I left my only goal was to be able to dictate my own life again and I figured that the best way to guarantee control, was to be my own boss.

That was my reason for starting. In a way you could say that my purpose came before the business…but that reason was just a seed for my real purpose. I never would have discovered what my purpose really was without actually having started a business. (Therein lies the conundrum).


In this article for entrepreneurs I identify the difference between a brand purpose and a dream.



Your brand purpose is your driving why. It is that goal you want to achieve for your clients, but more than that, it’s the reason why you want your clients to have this result. It could be as simple as eating healthier, traveling safer, living happier.

Your purpose is not…

…to spend more time with your family. It is not to travel more, work less, or however else you define success. I understand why you’d think it is (heck, I did the same freaking thing, remember, control-freak speaking here). These answers are often the reasons why we choose to leap and chase after our dream life. But they are in fact just the intended results that we use to justify starting a business.


The truth is that there is a deeper reason as to why you started this business. It’s also not simply what you do. I understand that you started a business doing whatever it is you’re doing because you’re good at it. It’s what you know right? But what drove you to pursue that work in the first place? What transformation do you love to achieve through the work that you do?

It’s often hard to recognize what your true purpose is simply because we don’t realize that there is more to uncover beyond the blanket reasons we use to justify starting a business. And honestly, I believe that every purpose evolves once you start so if you haven’t updated your purpose statement since then it’s time to give it another look. You can recognize your brand purpose best through looking at what you do for your clients and why you love doing it.

Once you’ve identified your core purpose it’s like having identified the North Star for your own entrepreneurial journey. It can guide your growth through constantly striving to achieve that goal better and for more people.

You see, I chose branding over art, over any other type of design because it puts me in a place to help others take control of their lives.

I took the most selfish reason I had for starting, and decided to turn it around and help others who wanted to be the master of their own lives too.

Why? Because my people are also pursuing independence and the ability to control their life, they share many of my values for time-freedom and finding meaning in their work, and as such, they are often also jumping onto the entrepreneur train.

We are the most inspiring, driven, kind-hearted group I know (I admit, I may be biased). My self-serving instincts drove me to want to be able to work more with this community in order to be immersed in all of that goodness. They inspired me to build a business all about helping them take control of their lives through building thriving businesses.

As a result of this realization, this purpose, I know how I want to grow. I know what I want to focus my energy on improving. I know how to get even better at branding, how to offer more value to my clients. Will I ever be done striving to be better? No, as long as I have this business I know that I’ll be working on being able to better help my clients build thriving businesses. If that ever changes you can bet that I’ll be doing something else because this business is a reflection of who I am.

My purpose is not all that I am, but it is a part of me and I’m an all or nothing kind of person.

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