The Visual Identity (aka Style) For Your Business—Brand Wardrobe pt.1

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A brand is kind of like a closet, or wardrobe if you will.

Everything in there fits a style, your style, and you wear certain outfits for certain types of occasions.

Similarly your brand [should] have many different outfits to serve different situations (like a website, ad, or email), but each ‘outfit’ has a consistent style. That style is your brand.

A brand wardrobe, when you break it down is really just your business graphics.

But here’s the thing. Just like in any wardrobe, your business needs graphics (or clothing) for different situations. And similarly it’s got a few basics that go with everything.


What most entrepreneurs think a brand is is what I like to call a brand wardrobe. The brand for any small business is more than just the look of it, it's how people interact on it's behalf, how smooth the systems are, because it all is about creating a specific brand experience. The website, blog images, business cards, stationary, flyers and stuff is like the clothes in a brand wardrobe: they help express a certain style and give off a general impression about the business.



The Essentials

Your brand basics often include your logo and it’s variations, the approved color palette, font selections, textures, patterns, and even a couple of custom icons or graphics that can be used in multiple scenarios.

These basics are just like your undergarments, you’re going to use them for every outfit. They’re essentially your essentials. Ha! See what happened there? ok…I’m done.

You don’t use everything all the time—you can only wear one bra at a time after all, and there are occasions where you may choose to go for a strapless or even a sports bra…but your everyday outfit uses at least one…unless you’re a nudist (no judgement, but please put on a shirt for our call(s).


Building Outfits (aka, the website and such)

So, moving on. The outfit. As we all know, outfits are made up of a variety of pieces: shoes, shirt, pants, jewelry…it’d be pretty embarrassing not to have a complete one and go to a marketing event. Well, your business has outfits it puts on as well to make a good first impression. The website is a big one. A business card is a pretty basic one. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it an accessory.

There tend to be a lot of ways your business interacts with your [potential] clients, so it needs a lot of outfits…which are created by selectively using your brand basics. The collection of these many outfits make up what I call the brand wardrobe. All clearly have the same sense of style, but serve different situations.

The analogy isn’t over yet. We’re just going to break there. Next time we’re going to talk about how your business can go to the gym and a business meeting and not wear the same clothes. Aka, we’re going to talk about differentiating the brand style to best relate to your services!

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