Branded Services – Brand Wardrobe pt. 2

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So, the other day we started talking about how your business graphics are essentially a brand wardrobe.

Don’t remember? You can go read it here…or just stick around for the recap.

Today we’re talking about how your brand needs to go out, or to the gym on occasion. Ok, that got a little weird, we’re talking about your services. Sometimes you might have a really high-end service, but overall aren’t a high-end brand (or vice versa).


In this article about branding small businesses I share 4 reasons why it might be a good idea to develop a style for each service that is based on your overall brand. Entrepreneurs offering multiple services will learn how graphics can help maintain clarity of their brand focus.


On occasion your service should have a brand of it’s own. After all, each service should be solving a very specific problem. That means there is a very specific target market, and an even more specific ideal client. You need a way to target the audience who most needs it and will get the most out of it. Sometimes, your overall brand is just not going to make the cut.

This doesn’t mean that you need to have a separate website. And in many cases it can be related to your overall brand so it doesn’t feel like a complete departure.



Four Reasons You May Need A Service Brand:


You’ve created a super high-level service that needs the branding to be more elegant than your ‘everyday attire’. What I mean is, your service is super high-end, way beyond your general brand (or vice versa, maybe it’s a bit more accessible and laid back).


You’re collaborating with someone and don’t want to have to choose between one business’s branding or the other.


You want to branch out into a different, but related niche.


You want to make it all about the customer, not you. Think about the titles here. Remember when we talked about brand trust with the hair salon examples? Yeah. If your business name is the same as your personal name, this may apply to you.

When you’re service is more targeted to serving your audience you’ll be a lot more likely to actually be able to help the people who really need it because you’re letting them know in multiple ways that this thing is exactly what they need which makes getting a yes so much less painful and more exciting.

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