Brand + Website Congruence

(all brand and website packages start with a Brand Alignment)

Are You Ready to show up and

Share Your Truth Online?

Brand Congruence is about aligning the inner with the outer. After a Brand Alignment we’ll create a look and a message that reflects who you are NOW with an updated brand and website that is focused, clear, and personable so you don’t have any more excuses to keep yourself from sharing how you help people.


Your Website Has 

ten seconds to impress

If your brand and website look dated or DIY then your online audience probably thinks you’re not relevant or experienced at what you do. I know that’s not the case, but the fact is that impressions matter and when you don’t make an effort to present as an expert online, people won’t see you as one even though you are.

Does this sound familiar?

If So it’s probably time for an update


You’re still using the same budget logo you got (ahem, created yourself) when you first started. It served you well, but you’re pretty sure you’ve outgrown it.


Your brand feels like it’s all over the place and you don’t know how to stay ‘on brand’ because, let’s face it, you’re not even sure what your brand is anymore.


You’ve got a wall of words on your website rather than copy that stands out and it’s unclear what you do, who you can help best, or how someone could take the next step to working with you.


Your website looks dated (anything circa 2010 or earlier) when compared to modern sites you tend to drool over.


You constantly make excuses to not launch your next service or product because you don’t feel ‘ready’ for visibility.

Let’s release what isn’t working anymore so you can fully step into your highest authentic self.

Brand + Website Packages

Brand and Website Packages are customized to meet your individual needs. Brand Therapy is always included as it is key to creating a clear, focused and aligned brand you can feel good about and embody so you can share the resulting message and website with ease and confidence.


see below to get an idea of what your package could include


Brand Therapy

(4 calls over a 4 week time frame)

While the Brand Alignment jumpstarts your brand foundations by giving you an outline for your brand strategy, I’ve found that the greatest shifts take a bit more time to develop. We’ll meet 4 more times before beginning any design work to really explore your positioning, audience and messaging. This is essential to taking your brand strategy to the next level.


Includes voxer coaching for additional discussion around the scheduled calls.


Brand Design

(logo, colors, fonts, etc)

Part One: Identity Design
Once we’ve got a clear map for how your brand will be showing up we’ll either revamp your existing visual identity or create one from scratch. This includes logo, submarks, font pairings, colors, imagery selection, and any necessary elements to develop your signature style. When implemented, these design standards create your brand vibe and visual consistency across all media.

Part Two: Brand Book
Every brand needs a brand book to communicate it’s core essence to new employees or contract workers helping you to expand your brand. Typically this includes your big idea, core purpose, brand archetypes, ideal client summary, values, application of your design standards and so much more.

Part Three: Marketing Materials
We’ll make sure your basic communication lines are branded whether your are engaging online or in person. Can include a new business card design, letterhead, email signature, email newsletter header, pdf design, custom thank you cards, etc.


Website Development

(copy, design, development)

Part One: Copy Collaboration

We’ll collaborate on the message during the additional Brand Therapy sessions, and then I’ll use my copywriting know-how and outside perspective to write your initial draft of website copy. We can use the copy I create for you as is or further edit it together to give you a website with copy in your voice already in place.


Does not include your terms and privacy pages as I am not qualified to provide legal counsel.


Part 2: Image Sourcing and Editing

Images are key to creating websites that stand out. Not only do we look at quality of imagery, but feel as well. Your images set a certain mood (or tone if you will) that is key to communicating your brand essence visually. If you don’t already have imagery on hand that meets our needs, I’ll find some stock imagery that will and edit it however we need to in order to make it perfect for your website and copy.


Part 3: Website Creation/Revamp

Your website is your authority builder and home for your brand. We want to make sure it not only helps to position you as an expert through the design and copy, but also through how easy it is to navigate and learn more about what you do, who you are, and how you help others. Together, we’ll determine what your needs are, what the end action you’d like your visitors to take is, and create a flow for your audience that feels natural and easy, impressing them along the way.

All websites are built using industry-standard software so they are able to serve you as you continue to grow. Typically, this means we’ll build on either, SquareSpace, or Shopify depending on your individual needs.

Ready To Get Started?

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This service is no longer offered as a stand-alone and has been rolled into a bigger package. Email me at for more information on how we can work together and what services are available.