Why I Recommend Using A Separate Business Name

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I’ve gotta admit. I’m a bit flummoxed by how many people are developing a personal brand for their businesses. Sure, it seems like a good idea initially, and many people like the automatic authenticity putting your face all over your business brings…but it doesn’t say much about your business.

Are you thinking of starting a small business using your own name? My fellow entrepreneur, I must say that I don't recommend it. Discover why developing a stand alone business brand is my recommendation nearly every time in this article.


Granted, if my name weren’t both general and difficult to pronounce then I probably would have done the same when I started out because it’s easy. After reading The E-myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber I realized that it’s actually more strategic to develop a business brand than a personal brand for your business.

The biggest difference between a personal brand and a business brand are your options. You can choose to sell a business brand, however, you would never ever want to sell a personal brand.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Sell? Girl, slow down. I’m still working on developing my business and I love it, I don’t think I’ll ever sell.”



Truth. You may never sell, but you will likely pivot. I know you’ve got a lot of things you could do, but a successful business is built through focusing on doing one thing really well. Eventually, you’ll probably be ready for a change. Maybe you want to mentor and coach new entrepreneurs, but that doesn’t really fit into your copywriting business. Rather than diluting your copywriting brand, you should probably start a new business focused on coaching.

But as you know, starting a new business takes work. As long as you have a business brand you have options. You can keep running your existing business and work on the new venture as a side hustle. You can hire on employees to take most of the work off your hands and just operate on the profits while you’re in the start-up stage. Or, you can sell if you’re feeling done and use the capital from your first business to support you as you get the second one off the ground.

Now, if we were to take this scenario to a personal branded business you can either dilute your personal brand which may lead to confusion about what you do and who you’re best suited to help which is never a good thing, or pivot and stop offering the copywriting services. In comparison, the options are much more limited when you have a personal brand. The choice is yours.


3 Additional Benefits to Developing A Business-Based Brand

  • Develop a Business Name that actually says something about what you do and appeals to your clients right off the bat. (as opposed to just using your name which doesn’t mean much until you’ve built your authority)
  • Develop a Personal Brand separately and funnel those leads to your business.
  • Use that secondary Personal Brand to generate an already ‘warm’ audience for your new business ventures.

I recommend developing a business brand because it’s smart and future-oriented. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also cultivate your personal brand, after all, you are the primary representative of your business.

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