What You Need to Know About Creating Brand Trust

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Creating brand trust is basically keeping a brand promise.

Haha! I did it again. Another weird ‘brand’ term. It’s like we all feel the need to beat people over the head with ‘brand this’ or ‘brand that.’ Really, it’s just that clarity wins out over clever every day when it comes to naming stuff. (Although it’s true, some of these terms aren’t that clear without an explanation.)


Sometimes brand terms have very uninspired names, but still leave most small business owners wondering what it is. In this article I'll explain what brand trust is with examples so that you can better develop your own brand identity. Be sure to click through to get my guide on the 5 Pillars of Powerful Brands too.


Ok. So a brand promise is something that is happening whether you realize it or not. Your viewer gets a certain idea or impression about your business just by looking at it.

I know. We’re all judgy bitches. Get over it.

When you—or anyone really—look at a logo or name of a business (for instance) you’re going to make a snap judgement. Anyone who says they don’t is in denial.

I’m gonna explain this with an example…because I just love them. Get used to it.



Part 1. The Brand Promise

Let’s pretend you’re new in town and need a haircut. But you don’t know where to go and don’t have much money to spend (remember, you just moved after all). So you get on google and search for hair salons in your area.

You find one that’s called Cheveux Salon and Spa and another that’s called Hair and Nails.

Neither names are super inspired. But you have an idea as to which one is going to give you a more expensive experience and make your decision accordingly.

Either way, you check them both out (just in case) and you were in fact right, Chevaux Salon and Spa not only looks and sounds more expensive but is. Meanwhile Hair and Nails looks like your average quickie, basic haircut kind of place.

In this case, both business kept their brand promise. They lead you to have a certain initial impression about them, and then confirmed your suspicions were indeed correct.

But what if Chevaux Salon and Spa looks and sounds like they would be the pricier option, but in fact aren’t? Maybe their prices are the same as Hair and Nails or even (gasp) lower. There’s gotta be a catch right? They’re breaking their brand promise and leading you to either assume there’s a reason or just be really grateful you did your due diligence.

So what this example boils down to is that a brand promise is created by staying true to the impression your branding creates.If you’re service is high-quality then by golly, your brand better be too.

Part 2. How Brand Trust is Created

So, how does this relate to brand trust? Basically, when a company creates a brand promise and delivers on it they are creating what is known as brand trust.

Taking it back to the hair salon example:
If you went to Chevaux Salon and Spa (the one with amazing, elegant branding) and everything was incredible. You got a head massage and they used amazing products and everything was simply superb and totally worth the price then that company is delivering on their brand promise and creating a sense of brand trust. You can trust that they keep their promises.

Vice versa, if you go to Chevaux Salon and Spa, paid their expensive fee, but found the experience lacking, then they would have broken your trust in their brand.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, you’re going to want to work on building up your brand trust for a couple of reasons.

For one, it’s a really good way to attract the right people to you. And if you’re not getting the right kind of clients, then you can use it as a way to gauge what needs to change and test.

Once you get it right you’ll start building brand loyalty which is really just a fancy way of saying that your clients become raving fans and tell everyone about you.

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