How to Niche Effectively

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Sometimes, even if you think you’ve niched you really haven’t because you’re still taking work for things that don’t fall into your particular realm of expertise.

So the real question is have you actually niched yet? Or did you get distracted by everything else you’ve had to do, not to mention make some money? Or maybe you only niched in one area when you really should do it in three.


If you're an entrepreneur I'm guessing you've tried the 'niching' thing...but it's actually really hard to do it effectively. In this article I'll tell you the three areas you need to 'niche' in to actually get focused enough to develop a focused brand identity. Click through to learn how to develop a powerful brand and get my guide on the 5 Pillars of Powerful Brands. #branding #brandstrategy


The idea of narrowing our niche seems awesome, but it takes a lot of courage to actually do it and so a lot of people don’t actually do it correctly.

There are three areas to focus on when niching and while they are all related, each deserves some special attention.



First is niching within your industry to determine your specialty.
Make sure you choose something you really truly love doing.

Second is niching within your target market.
You need to learn about the kind of people who need your specialty. Study them. Learn what they love, what they struggle with most and determine what you can do to help them.

Third is niching your service to answer a specific need.
Specify exactly what outcome you can create for them so you can attract the people who really truly need what you have to you.

By looking at these three areas and deciding your space in each you’re able to develop a much clearer idea as to what your niche really is and use it to help you get more of the clients you love working with.

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