Your Brand is Constantly Evolving

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Have you taken a step back recently to really look at how far you’ve come since you began your journey into the messy world of the self-employed?

Let’s face it, you’ve changed…in a good way, obviously; and so has your business.

I know that change can be terrifying, but it should also be rejoiced…even if it means that the graphics you’ve been using for your business just aren’t making the cut anymore.

Before you do anything drastic though, take a couple minutes to determine how much your business has shifted.


As you grow as an entrepreneur your business will evolve and your brand needs to too. The key to maintain brand alignment is frequent brand audits which will help you refocus your brand identity and message with what you're doing now. This is the secret to building a strong brand: vigilant brand management.


The one constant in business and life is that nothing stays the same.

You will grow and change, your business will grow and change, and while you may think that this means your brand needs to be redone, it really just needs to evolve with you.

There are some checks and balances you can put in place for yourself to ensure that your evolution stays on track. One is to use your 3 brand words as a filter for your changes.

Even if you’re refining your brand voice with the content you produce, or your services and products are changing, as long as it’s gone through your filter and still aligns with your goals, you’ll be fine.

But then the graphics need to catch up.



I like to call it a Brand Revival when we take your essentials, the brand basics you’ve already got in place (brand wardrobe link) and rethink the way we are using them to make it feel fresh and aligned again without needing to start over.

However, it’s important to maintain a clear brand focus regardless of whether or not you’ve restyled your graphics. If you’re changing in ways that no longer match up with your overall brand goals, then either you’re diluting your brand presence from what it should be or you’re working towards some bigger changes.

If it’s the first then rein yourself in and filter your actions and decisions through your brand words again.

If it’s the second then reset your brand intentions and be aware that a full rebrand might just be in your future.

Make sure to take a peek at how to know if it’s time to work on updating your brand wardrobe with a designer.

Ready for a brand that

aligns with who you are now?

Don't let your brand fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of business. If you've evolved but your branding and messaging hasn't it could be hurting your growth and development.

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