Just Breathe and Live

Wellness for your 

mind, body & soul

We’re all in the pursuit of happiness, but in an age of distraction having the clarity of what actually makes you truly joyful is a gift only few have achieved. Susan guides her clients in a journey of self-discovery through coaching, yoga, and aura soma. Through her work she’s helping us to live moment-to-moment, understand our soul’s purpose, and learn what we truly desire without the constructs of society misguiding our innermost dreams.

Concept Work:

custom art to inspire the soul

Since Just Breathe and Live deals with the soul, we decided to pull in elements of custom artwork and hand-drawn designs to inspire the creation of the logo. In the end, we developed a single symbol representing the perfection we find throughout nature and the connection that we have not only to ourselves, but the community at large. 

Final Snapshot:

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