The Motivation Burrito

Honor The Now

Melissa Rodriguez came to me for clarity. She was ready to take a leap and start her podcast but couldn’t quite nail down what she wanted the focus to be. Together we found that even though she always loved stories, they honored the end: the success, the achievement. She wanted to focus on honoring the now, the journey of life and being open and vulnerable, knowing that hearing other people’s real can heal so much within ourselves.

When we finished you’d think the next step would be branding, but when she inquired about it I said, “Not yet. Go do the thing, come back once you’ve started.”

Branding isn’t meant to be a bandage for visibility or permission to show up in the first place, it’s meant to be a support for what you’re already doing.

Just a few months after our clarity work ended she came back ready for branding and together we went into a two week deep dive activating lessons around trust within ourselves and each other while creating a quirky and fun brand identity that captured the essence of what she brought to the table.

Concept & Pattern Development:

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