Shifting from a Graphic Designer to Brand Designer

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The other week I explained why a general designer isn’t the best choice to be working on your branding and gave the example of why not through mistakes I made with my own original (Lavish Craft) branding.

What it came down to was that I believed a brand was built on the looks.

I know better now. In fact, the looks are the last element of what makes up a brand.

I honestly think that Brand as a term has lost its meaning over time and with Brandeqiup Designs I’m working on bringing it back, or at least more common knowledge.


Powerful brands are based on meaning, not aesthetics, but not every designer knows this and that's dangerous if you're an online entrepreneur looking to hire someone to brand your business. #brandstrategy #logodesign #branddesign


Originally, I based the brand on my impression of beauty rather than my purpose because I really didn’t have one.

In fact, the Lavish Craft brand as a whole represented generality.

I could take that name and apply it to a lot of different things. When I started I thought that was a good thing because it gave me flexibility to shift and change. In fact, in the beginning that was exactly what I needed because I didn’t have a clear plan or goal. I was thinking of pursuing both art and freelance design at the same time with the same company. Essentially I was trying to combine two new businesses into one. Impossible.

It took me awhile to learn my lesson though. So instead of dropping Lavish Craft, I opted to drop the wedding look and created the logo and look that was recently retired as I embraced my shift to Brand Strategist.



That new look symbolized my shift from a do-it-all designer to a brand designer.

As a brand identity designer I knew that branding should revolve around meaning, but I didn’t know how to identify what that meaning was. That’s work I started doing as I started stepping into Brand Strategy. We’ll get into that more next time.

Rather than focusing solely on the aesthetics of the logo and how it would work with the deliverables, I started designing based off of symbolic meaning.The designs would be inspired by symbols that carried their own weight.

For example, the diamond in my logo was actually a monogram giving the symbol for my business more meaning. However, since the name itself didn’t carry much weight in the meaning department, the symbol didn’t either. It was fun and clever, but didn’t add much more value to the brand than the old one even though it wasn’t as in danger of being confused with the wrong profession.



It took one final shift (and recognition/acceptance of it) to realize that Lavish Craft as a name was not the right name for my business anymore. That’s when I decided to accept the name I’d developed for my service for my business. I finally fully embraced and put into practice what I tell my clients and accepted my place as a brand strategist, not just a designer.

Ready for a brand that

aligns with who you are now?

Don't let your brand fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of business. If you've evolved but your branding and messaging hasn't it could be hurting your growth and development.

This service is no longer offered as a stand-alone and has been rolled into a bigger package. Email me at for more information on how we can work together and what services are available.