Why You Should Have Two Color Palettes For Your Brand

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Color is a big deal when it comes to branding.

Your branded color palette helps you to be recognized because the consistent use of your colors and is so visually differentiating. It sets a tone, or mood if you will, for the entire brand. The problem is that most people only have one color palette when they should actually have two: one for digital, one for print.



That’s right, every business should have a Color Palette for Print Designs and one for Digital Designs.

The reason why is because the colors that printers can replicate don’t always match the colors that your screen can show you. Now, I could get super techy here and talk about color modes/spaces, color gamuts, and how the science of printing works…but that would take up a lot of your time and probably not be super useful.

Instead, I’ll show you by taking you behind the scenes with my own color palette.



What it really comes down to is this: if you’re an online entrepreneur without the need for much printing then you have an opportunity to have some really fun colors in your branding, but you’ll definitely want a CMYK pallet in addition to an RGB one so that you have ‘rules’ for which colors are meant to be used in print-based designs vs. screen/digital-based designs.

If you plan to be creating a fair amount of printed designs, then you should have your brand colors developed in CMYK or spot colors to ensure they are print friendly as they will transition more smoothly to screen colors than they would otherwise because of the size of the color gamuts.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes look at Brandequip Designs Color Palette to show you how drastic the difference can be. It was developed using RGB (screen) colors so that I had more opportunity to play with brighter colors because most of my brand materials are meant to be viewed online.



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