Why Branding Needs Strategy

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I started this series about my rebrand from Lavish Craft to Brandequip Designs as a way to not only celebrate the change but to also explain why it was necessary.

To sum it up: when I started this work I was a graphic designer focused solely on the look and feel of the end result be it a brand or a flyer. But I wanted to do more for my clients. They weren’t sure how to use what we created, and honestly a part of the problem was that other people didn’t know how to either.

I started my journey to solve that problem through learning web development, and along the way, I learned that the real root of the problem was in lack of strategy.


This article is the final in a series following the rebrand launch of Brandequip Designs. It focuses on how important developing a brand strategy before a brand identity is because that was the basis of the rebrand: focus on the brand strategy, the brand message and design would follow. #brandstrategy #branddesign


I’d say that becoming a Brand Strategist, and understanding why it’s important starts with understanding what a brand is and what it’s not.


A brand is an idea that is being communicated to the masses.

It’s not what you or even I say it is, it’s what your audience says (or thinks) it is.

A brand is not:

  • A Logo
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • A website
  • A business card, stationery, brochures, flyers or any other singe type of deliverable


My job as a brand designer is to create designs that communicate your idea, your purpose, in a way that makes it more accessible to understand. As a brand designer, I translate your message into a visual language so that there is meaning behind the good looks.

My job as a brand strategist is to help identify what that purpose and meaning is in the first place and then determine the best way to communicate it. It’s about helping you to differentiate in a real way.

That means we have to understand how to identify with your audience in order to communicate your purpose effectively with your message. It means that you have to express it with your actions, not just your visuals, which means we have to look at how what you do affects your message, and how to position it so that you can better communicate your purpose.

I developed a whole system in which we do this over the past three years. I tested it, refined it and improved upon it. I called it the Brandequip because that’s what my mission is: to equip you and your business with a brand that helps you thrive.

I preached owning your one thing. Making it a part of everything you do and say. Live it. Breathe it (during your working hours). But until this rebrand to Brandequip Designs, I wasn’t setting a good example. I wasn’t owning what I do with my business name; the first impression of my business did not represent anything about what I do.

So what did I do? I faced the problem head-on and overhauled my brand in the same way that I overhauled my work. I turned the process around and applied it to myself. The result is what you see on this website, social media, my newsletter, my work…

My mission is to equip you to thrive. That means you have to BE MORE:

Aligned to your own purpose and values
Courageous in following your passion work
Intentional in what you do and say…

The list can go on, but I think you get the idea. With Brandequip Designs I can actually help you and your business be more successful through a complete and comprehensive brand development; strategy, messaging, positioning and design.

Ready for a brand that

aligns with who you are now?

Don't let your brand fall to the wayside in the hustle and bustle of business. If you've evolved but your branding and messaging hasn't it could be hurting your growth and development.

This service is no longer offered as a stand-alone and has been rolled into a bigger package. Email me at hello@iamkatherineelizabeth.com for more information on how we can work together and what services are available.